I want to sign up. When is the best time to register?

You can register at any time (even after your bundle of joy has arrived!)

Are there long-term contracts associated with the service?

There are no long-term contracts, fuel charges, or delivery fees for the cloth diaper delivery service. We do, however, require a two-week cancellation notice.

Tip: save money with a prepaid 13-week or 26-week service option.

Are there any cancellation fees?

There are no fees associated with cancelling our service. There are no long-term contracts, fuel charges, or delivery fees for the cloth diaper delivery service. We do, however, require a two weeks cancellation notice should you decide to stop the service.

Do I need to rinse or count soiled diapers?

No. Simply place the soiled diapers in the pail liner provided. Leave the rest to us.

What happens if I don’t get my diapers out on time for pick-up?

We recommend you place the soiled diapers at the front door the night before pick-up. If you have missed a pick-up, there are a few options:

You can hold on to your soiled diapers until the following pick-up (available for all customers regardless of your residential location); you can drop off the soiled diapers to the laundry mat located at 1485 Bancroft Drive in Sudbury; and you can request a courier collection of your soiled diapers (there is a $12 fee).

If I missed a soiled diaper collection, will I still receive clean diapers the following week?

Each family will have two sets of diapers in rotation. If you have missed a collection pick-up, your soiled diapers will be picked up the following week but we will have no diapers to deliver. You can, however, request an extra order of diapers for $8.

Does the cloth diaper service deliver on holidays?

Delivery is available during most holidays. All clients will be notified if there will be a change in delivery service.

How are the cloth diapers washed?

Step 1: diapers are separated Step 2: diapers go through a pre-wash cycle Step 3: diapers go through a mainwash cycle Step 4: diapers are dried on a delicate cycle Step 5: diapers are re-assembled

Who do the diapers belong to?

All items used in the diaper rental service are owned by The Diaper Project. All items must be returned during the final pick-up.

Does The Diaper Project deliver to apartment buildings and condos?

Yes. Simply add any special pick-up/delivery instructions in the rental agreement provided.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Absolutely. Simply call the office and we will take care of the rest.

Can someone else sign-up for the service on my behalf?

Yes - as long as they have all the required information.

What time will the delivery driver be at my house?

We request that your diapers be outside on your front step by 8 am on delivery day. The driver will pick-up between 8 am and noon.

What happens if I still have clean diapers in my home and it’s delivery day?

Some weeks you need more, and some you need less. Keep all of your clean diapers. We will work to ensure you have everything you need.

I want to go on holidays. What do I do about the delivery service?

Please advise us one week prior to your departure. We will place your cloth diaper service on hold, and you can resume when you return.

Frequently Asked Questions